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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bala neela

Instant decision...

Apparently, my messages don't reach the people I'm sending them to.
Apparently, they are not able to grasp them, till now.
Apparently, ellee beyhesoh 3ala damohom and take my opinions into consideration are PRECISELY those who don't need them and those are very far away from being the target audience.

Therefore, what's the point of talking when the recipient is deaf. It only reaches the sensible people and I really don't want to hurt those ones.

So, Instant decision... 
Stop talking... It's ineffective, eletoh ahsan... at least the good hearts will be spared.
We heya deeh kemet el Bala Neela

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get yourself a new Door mat.

"Everyone respects you, you know"
Great, isn't it... Everybody just doesn't seem to stop talking about how great you are, how your conscious is clear, how you always behave in a "respectable" manner, never hurting anyone, never getting angry...etc. By saying this, and talking about you like this, they "respect" you.

Guess what? this has NOTHING to do with the reality. Respect, has NOTHING to do with "saying good things about you". Let me explain.

Your reputation is that of a man who's always smiling, rarely loosing his temper, a person who is nice with everyone, who's keen on not hurting a living soul... Is that the reputation of a "respectable" person? Well... No it's not. This is the reputation of a "Door mat".

A door mat that, no matter what you do to it, no matter how you abuse it, no matter how many people step on it, what kind of shoes they're wearing, where they've been before stepping on it... this door mat never complains and always deals with it without ever wanting to set things right.

This door mat IS NOT "respectable".

You can say all the pretty things in the world, you can smile at me every single day, you can pay tributes, build statues, hang photos, make a thousand decoration, but one fact is there: Whenever you had/have/will have the chance to kick me in the head, to throw me from a cliff or to trade my soul for a cookie, you won't hesitate to do it. Why? Because you know that I'm your door mat that never objects... and afterall "it's not personal, it's just business".

Ya3nee, men el akher... Earning your respect means to you having to take up with your continuous back stabbing, hypocrisy, manipulation and heart-breaking never-ending inhumane crimes. The moment I stand up, make a statement and say right in your face, in the mildest way, with the silliest media: "Ya wehesh"; I have "lost" your "respect".

If you really respected me you wouldn't have abused my innocence and easy-going to make whatever you want without minding shredding me into a million piece.

If you really respected me you would have simply had the slightest respect to my goals, my dreams and my work.

But you didn't do that, you "applauded"... You applauded like you always do when you know you're doing something totally immoral, just to give yourself enough confidence to be able to carry on with it. Just like when you applauded when your last voice arrived, just like when you applauded when you threw someone's hard work into the garbage, just like you do every time you want to tell your conscious "yeah, I'm doing the right thing" although you KNOW you're not.
Well... Guess what... If this is your definition of being "respectful", then, let me tell you that I don't want your "respect" anymore. I really don't care about your little fake pathetic "respect".

I can withstand you hurting me in whatever way, I did withstand that for quite a while now... I can afford every single kind of torture you may want to inflict on me. But touch one hair of a beloved one. Touch one hair of a person whose moral values and Human natures will beat yours blindly. Touch one hair of a person whom I REALLY respect and admire. And I won't stay still anymore, I won't just swallow it like I always did. You're not worth it by any means.

And let me tell you something... You never saw my "other side".

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The "Make-up" Theory

First of all, and to be clear on this point from the start: I am NOT generalizing... What I'm saying here is definitely not the case with ALL girls. In addition, it also applies to some boys as well. I'm just talking about a general notion, a general observation and a very general analysis that is far from being close to a rule.

I know my opinion may be controversial, feel free to prove me wrong.


Like all essay questions should be answered in one of our refined written exams, one should begin by its definition.

What is deception anyway? The encyclopedic definition is molto bellissima. Just take a look:
"Deception is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true (...)"

Regardless of the intention, regardless of the tools used for that, regardless of its ingenuity, deception is deception. Make no mistake about that.


"(...) In many cases it is difficult to distinguish deception from providing unintentionally wrong information. One of the reasons for this is that a person or an entire organization may be self-deceived."


The Art of Deception

Deception is an artwork by itself. David Copperfield is a majestic deceiver: He turns his deception into an art form, with its own beauty, poetry and refinement. You ENJOY being deceived by him, he convinces you that it's fun to be deceived, and that's an even bigger deception by itself.

Pass me the Paint and glue

What is Make-up?
Make-up is a tool used by a good bunch of girls/women - and yes, sometimes men- to "deceive" their surroundings.

It hides the real person, the real features, the truth, with a multitude of colors, shades, glitter and patterns that only serve to distract the observer's eye from the real deal.

By "make-up", I don't mean "powder and lipstick". Make-up doesn't only involve the face, it involves the entire body, the entire personality, the morals and the mentality as a whole. In all cases, this Make-up is nothing but the tool to camouflage the reality.

It's the magician's left hand that distracts the audience from what the right hand is doing. Why? because seeing what the right hand is doing will spoil the entire show, will sabotage the whole illusion. That's why it has to be shiny, bright, colorful and simply distracting. The audience is blinded by it and is not able to see the truth as it passes by their eyes, the naked truth.

"The Naked Truth"

Well, if the truth was beautiful by itself, if that truth "looked good naked", one would never need to resort to make-up and deception.

When the inner beauty is deficient, girls have no other choice but to resort to their "deception box":
"- How about some "mascara", to hide those squinting eyes?
- oh no, it's not working either, let's go with the big "eye glasses"
- some colors on the hair would be great with my "new-look",
- not working? don't even bother: get an entire synthetic hair mesh to "give your hair volume".
- Still a mess? who said the hair had to look good under a scarf?, after all, this will be a double illusion: "I look good AND I'm pious"... the more the merrier.
- What is that? A zit? oh no, people can't see me like that, Oriflam's cream of foundation is here for that "With a thick protective layer of keratinamide, ZPTO and emulsifying agents, your skin is radiant with "natural" beauty, homogeneous and you shouldn't worry about those little imperfections that make the difference between seeing you or paying a visit to Madame Tusseaud's"
- mmm, something's still missing... oh yes of course, Forever Metallic lipstick from Maybelline with glitter and natural lust is a girl's best friend. 3gm tds and now you're sure your lips will be so shiny people would be blinded before even having the fortune (or the misfortune) to take a look at the face itself.
- The cloth... Now that's a challenge by itself, and I'm up to the challenge aren't I? Colors, shapes, drapes, ribbons, belts, bracelets, giant rings, giant necklaces, giant pins, didn't you hear about this year's new fashion statement? Hand cuffs... Now would you look at that... I look like right out of a Picasso. And yes, thanks to my bling blings I'm in stereo sound...."

And some girls are REALLY good at that... Like I told you, deception is an artwork.

(now you know why it took me so long to write: I had to do some pretty extensive research before writing this. Believe me, it's not easy for a guy to imagine what a "cream of foundation" is made for)

And that's ONLY the outer make-up. Don't even get me started with the behavioural/mental/cultural/vocational/moral camouflage.

The conclusion... What you see has NOTHING to do with the reality. And in order to "decorticate" those layers and layers of paint and accessories, a chisel may not be enough.

Under these layers and layers of deceptive materials and illusion-makers, lies that naked person. With all her human features, all her flaws and imperfections. The real deal.

And here comes the biggest irony, they will only fool the shallow men, the superficials. Because only them will believe that this is how you REALLY look like. The rest of them will either "make you live your own lie" and, although they know your reality, they'll just keep making you feel they are "under the spell".. ya3nee men el akher, hayakhdookee 3ala ad 3a2lek.

And Only a minority of them will let you know they're not fooled, only a minute minority will "denude" you in their eyes and see what's really inside. It may take them some time, but eventually, they'll get to it.

The most embarrassing moment for this girl is when one of her real traits is exposed... This is when her make-up fails her. Usually she cries, panics, and it's a catastrophic moment in her miserable life. The moment her reality is exposed.

And since girls are very concerned with how they look, with how people see them, they actually classify this "exposure" as an act of mal-intent that is aiming at "destroying that girl's image/reputation". Well, if exposing a reality destroys your image, then I'm sorry to say: You really should worry more about how you really look like than about how people SEE you.

The ultimate irony: Although they are aware of their sensitive situation, girls LOVE exposing others (of both sexes)... and, since they fail most of the time to find something "juicy enough", they are EXPERTS in "inventing" realities, this is where they use their imagination to the fullest. They just take a piece of info, analyse it, add some salt and pepper, spice it up, stir it well on "el botagaz" and Voila... A delicious meal for all to enjoy.

Only a girl who has nothing to hide will not NEED to deceive, will not need to use make-up, will not need to distract. Only a balanced person will realize the inner beauty he/she has inside and won't have to "act himself a beauty".

Girls, believe me, most boys are not mosquitoes:

They won't just get distracted by that "shiny light", suddenly stop thinking and head towards it without being able to resist till they get electrocuted.

" Girl, we've got work to do
Pass me the paint and glue...
When one knows the world is watching
One does what one must.
Some minor adjustments, darling
Not for my vanity...
But for humanity.
Each little step, a pose.
See how the breeding shows.
Sometimes it's too much for even me.
But when all the world says, "Yes"
Then who am I to say "No"?
Don't ask a mutt to strut like a show girl. No, girl, you need a pro "

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I never doubted your intelligence... :)

"Receiving" is not enough, use this intelligence to "get" the message...
Maybe there is hope after all... I always believe there is.
Oh, and I just LOVE to be wrong.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

And this time, I mean YOU...

Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil
If she doesn't scare you
No evil thing will.
To see her is to
Take a sudden chill
Cruella, Cruella De Vil

The curl of her lips
The ice in her stare
All innocent children
Had better beware

She's like a spider waiting
For the kill
Look out for Cruella De Vil

At first you think
Cruella is the devil
But after time has worn
Away the shock
You come to realize
You've seen her kind of eyes
Watching you from underneath
A rock!

This vampire bat
This inhuman beast
She ought to be locked up
And never released

The world was such
A wholesome place until
Cruella, Cruella De Vil

So evil even her hair is two faced..
Ain't like nothing you've ever seen, she's the demon mean..
I mean let's face it, a face like hers can really ruin your whole day..