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Friday, March 21, 2008

Al 3atah

MA Howa el 3atah...

"3atah" is the new word of the day. "3atah" is a state of mind. "3atah" is a state of soul. "3atah" is contagious. "3atah" is human.
Human nature is characterized by "el 3atah". With all due respect. Humans are imbeciles.

Although the acoustic impact of the word "3atah" isn't even close to the word "Imbecile", but, it kinda expresses the idea.

Latest discovery: Humans are imbeciles. And guess what?... I'm gonna convince you.

A child. A human child. He wants his toy. He decided he wants his toy. He will do anything to get it. He will cry. He will scream. He will hit. He will crawl. JUST to get it. Then what? he gets his toy, plays with it for a little while. Then he leaves it and turns to something else. You bend over and pick up the abandoned toy, SUDDENLY he wants his toy back again, and he shouts and screams for it. Only to leave it again after a while.

Guess what? People remain this way after they grow up. PURE IMBECILES....
They crave something so bad that they're ready to kill for it. They appreciate it and appreciate its value to the wildest level. But when they finally get it. You shouldn't be surprised if they left it, and for the silliest reasons. Why? because they're imbeciles.

Give them gold, they'd ask for silver, give them silver, they'd ask for gold, give them none they'd ask for both, give them both they'd throw them both away.

Singles want to be in a relationship. Married people want to get out of it.
Parents complain of their children, sterile couples would do anything for one.
Unemployed would kill for a job, employees hate theirs.
Egyptians want to go abroad, foreigners crave for an Egyptian nationality.
Iraqis hate Saddam, when he's gone "walla yoom men ayamak". Egyptians will top them.
SSS is sick of national corruption, when there is an alternative, they create local corruption to fit the national one.
Poor people want money, when they get it, they seek "the simple life".

What's the BIG DEAL???? what's wrong with this human creature? BE SMART for crying out loud. You have something that's pure, something that's worth everything in the world: You have REAL feelings. You have REAL friendships. You have REAL honesty. You throw that away because you "prefer" Fake? you prefer people being fake? You prefer emotions being fake? are you really that stupid?

How could someone be living in Disneyland and decide to move to place Pigalle?
How could someone taste how wonderful life can be and leave it for no real reason?

I'm in shock... bosso ya gama3a
It's like, bezabt, takhayaloh keda, how much I was craving for my Apple Laptop, and imagine ba2a after actually having it, I decided to throw it away because I don't like the screensaver. :S

WAKE UP... GROW UP... APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE.... Live every moment of the amazing opportunities that are in your hands. Chances are, these are the best days of your life. Chances are, this is as close as you'd get to happiness.

Men shahtafa we 3eyat 3ala "can we still be friens?" to "friendships are lost everyday, 3adee ya3nee"

Which raises a big question. Are people really in quest for Happiness? or are they in quest for Drama?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now that's a tough one...!!!

To be leader, or to be human, that's a question.

Well, here it comes again, the same situation, the same age-old question. And of course, this time it's even harder to answer.
- A doctor in the emergency room, dealing with a death, he has to go out and deal with this horrific minute of going to the relatives and announcing the truth. Only he can do it. And he can't lie about it or make it any easier. It just has to come raw.
- A captain on a boat, knowing his ship is sinking, and that the only hope he has for saving the passengers is to camouflage the actual truth and make sure people are heading to the emergency barks without panicking. The raw truth in this instance would cause general panic and would definitely affect the outcome since it would cause general panic. In this case, honesty is not the priority, having the situation "under control" is.

Now the question is, what do I need to be now. The ship is not sinking, and nobody is dying, but still, a mom would be terrified if her baby caught a cold.

Someone told me I had perseverance, and that I can handle difficulties and still manage to go on. But the pressure is increasing day after day, and it's really tough sometimes to be the one shouting "keep moving forward".

You know what, I just realized something, I may not be "hiding my real feelings" per say, I may not be "being nice we khalas", but there is definitely a part of truth in this: Apparently, I still have to "pick my words", I still have to "process" every word before I get it out of my system, even to the closest people. And that's taking a huge amount of effort, at least for me.

Now I got it, I really do: I cook my food only to my very special guests, others have to eat it raw.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Deux Guitares

Deux tziganes sans répit
Grattent leur guitare
Ranimant du fond des nuits
Toute ma mémoire
Sans savoir que roule en moi
Un flot de détresse
Font renaître sous leurs doigts
Ma folle jeunesse.

Jouez tziganes jouez pour moi
Avec plus de flamme
Afin de couvrir la voix
Qui dit à mon âme
Où as-tu mal, pourquoi as-tu mal ?
Ah t'as mal à la tête
Mais bois un peu moins aujourd'hui tu boiras plus demain
Et encore plus après-demain.

Deux guitares en ma pensée
Jettent un trouble immense
M'expliquant la vanité
De notre existence
Que vivons-nous, pourquoi vivons-nous ?
Quelle est la raison d'être ?
Tu es vivant aujourd'hui, tu seras mort demain
Et encore plus après-demain.

Quand je serai ivre-mort
Faible et lamentable
Et que vous verrez mon corps
Rouler sous la table
Alors vous pourrez cesser
Vos chants qui résonnent
En attendant jouez
Jouez je m'abandonne.