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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kill facebook

An extremely sophisticated web of tight friendships and relationships.
A family that has taken its time before becoming a real, genuine one.
A piece of cloth with individual threads, turning around each other, tied  in each others, practically becoming one with each other day after day, moment after moment, photo after photo.

When you believe the only way to guarantee the stability of your family is to make the bonds between its family members tight and tighter. When you've practically done the impossible to reach this very solid sophisticated piece of cloth, this bullet proof piece of cloth that no one can break, that would absorb all shocks, that would always stay one.

Yet, not all the cotton threads have the same endurance, not all the pieces of your complex artwork are "comfortable" with each other. You think your piece of cloth is bullet proof? well think again.

Now that's history, and, for the sake of avoiding this hidden tear passing by the side of a single eye, let's refrain from mentioning it.

For more than 7 months now, I didn't write, I didn't think and I didn't talk (practically) about this sinister subject. Yet, a quick, accidental bump on some old photos are enough to cause yet another "earthquake".

Where is it exactly going? where is destiny taking us? is it all destiny? or can someone really do something? I mean what both sides now are doing is simply trying to break every single possible link they had with all other 
threads that used to form this magnificent piece of cloth. What is taking place right now is the pure, harsh, merciless tearing apart of something that one has spent a great deal of effort assembling. And believe me, if you managed to break it without a single drop of blood, without shedding a single tear, without feeling "this cannot be the solution", this only means one thing: You are/have become heartless, or worse, you think you know everyone, you think you know us, you think you know me.

I am a question to the world, not an answer to the herd, and what? do you think you understand? you don't know me, and I'll never be what you want me to be. And thanks to you, they don't know me, they won't know me, you know why? coz, for them, I'm not here. You can't see me, but I'm still here. They can't tell me who to be, cause I'm not what they see.

I'm still here, maybe with more determination not to be fooled again, maybe with more determination to watch my back a little bit more, but I'm still here, exactly the same, without one single change.

And now, on their way to complete separation, the links are becoming more intricate, we are not "unlinking" the two sides, we are "re-linking" them, but this time, with bonds of hate and sorrow. And it seems, it's not about to stop. It seems to be going in one direction.

I thought you were wiser, do you really think that giving it "time" will fix it? you couldn't be wronger my dear, time only succeeded at complicating things, and it is not ready to stop doing that.

As if this would make a difference, as if someone would really care, as if someone would rethink "hey, wait a minute, I've been a real jerk to these people, haven't I?".

Well, something is still sure, on this very long way to recovery, it seems, I still have one more tear to shed.

Kill Facebook