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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My thoughts about the elections in short!

- I have full confidence in people's choices, have no worries about outcomes of elections and believe democracy is a learning process for all of us.
- I was neutral towards boycotting and took all needed steps to vote.
- Expat voting: chaotic central management beyond compare leading to highly skewed results
- Bad planning of expat voting disabled me from my casting mine in the two rounds.
- I'm glad this happened because I TRULY believe now that boycotting is the best thing to do with this mess they call "elections"
- The people had a genuine urge and interest in having their voice heard, authorities weren't up to these expectations and failed us MAJORLY in their management.
- Elections manipulation doesn't have to be done by authorities. Religious advertising and judiciary failure to enforce the law against abuses are higher, more sever levels of voter's fraud.
- "non-conformities" are normal in any elections. What is NOT normal is when the judiciary don't do anything about them, giving abuses the green light to go even further, which is what is happening.
- A judiciary sector that is aware of abuses in elections but that doesn't stop or prevent simply is simply a COMPLICIT in voter forgery.
- I believe this major failures are beyond people' frustration which translated into a 40% drop in voter turn-out

Conclusion: Maybe it's too soon to say so, but, I DO NOT recognize the results of these elections as legitimate, this regardless of how they turn out to be!

Monday, October 10, 2011

You can't handle the truth!

الحقيقة واضحة للجميع: مسيرة سلمية المجلس العسكرى وافق عليها - عائلات وأطفال وأحزاب وحركات - أعداد غفيرة - تصرف غبى من  قيادات الجيش - مجزرة للشعب المصرى - تحريض طائفى وكذب رسمى على الإعلام الرسمى وقمع للإعلام غير الرسمى.

حكومة فاشلة فى إدارة الأزمات - حاكم عسكري قمعى ومتشبث بأدواته القمعية (طوارئ - محاكمات عسكرية - رقابة على الإعلام - تبرير للعنف) - إعلام عايز الحرق.

لو شايف ده ولقيت أي تبرير ليه تبقي بتضحك على نفسك علشان خايف من الحقيقة.
الحقيقة إن الحاكم اللى هو المجلس العسكرى هو الـ"يد الخفية" اللى عايزة تدمر الثورة وبتلعب بالبلد والشعب.  مهما لقيت من تبريرات جواك إنت عارف الحقيقة ديه مهما كانت مقلقة أو مرعبة بالنسبة لك.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Human Compassion

Our belonging to “Humanity” is most undeniable, unshakable source of belonging that we can have.
It is the source of tolerance and understanding. It trespasses nationality, religious believes, politics, age and different opinions.
It unites us all into one grand body that constitutes “humanity”
It proves that, regardless of any major or minor differences, we are all the same.

Human Compassion is the most universal and innate attribute that makes us humans. It is what makes any of us happy when a child smile, angry when we feel betrayed, worried before exam results, upbeat when we succeed, pained when we see suffering. Inspired when we see innovation. Bewildered by creativity.

Our reaction to death is as human as it can be. Even in the death of an enemy we see a reflection of our fate. It shakes us, sadness us and sometimes shocks us. It pushes us to reflect about who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re headed.

This is because we are all connected at the end, to this massive body of humanity bound to each other by a widespread network of human compassion.

Human Compassion ultimately define who we are. Human Compassion makes us human.

Lose this human compassion, for whatever reason or pretext, and you have lost your most valuable attribute. Lose these feelings and you have lost what makes you “human”: Your Humanity!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Action Needed NOW!!!

Well, I have come through this video on the internet. I believe some of you might have already seen it.

Please watch it till the end:

Now, I don't know how you feel about this, but this was HEAVILY disturbing for me.
Of course, the brutality, and joy that the guy is having abusing these children is beyond shocking, but that's not what's disturbing me the most;
What is most striking is:
1) The fact that there is actually someone shooting this on camera, with an increasing laughter the more the children are beaten!!
2) The presence of other people (possibly teachers) including one fully veiled (monakaba) woman in the same room. This single women in the room didn't do anything about that and, in fact, she didn't seem to mind what was happening. Neither her motherhood, religion nor humanity pushed her to do anything about that.
3) This video was shot in the 2011!!! AND after a revolution!!!
4) That I'M SURE this is a common practice, everywhere in the country. I'm also sure there are FAR WORSE things that happen everyday, off camera.

I believe there is NOTHING more vital than a rapid, youth lead intervention about this specific case (as a warning for other abusers) and other sadistic people that would think for second this kind of "education" can continue one more DAY on our watch.

I think we need to discuss this and ACT promptly. With the proper intervention and the right media involvement we can send a strong message of "NO MORE, MISTER" to all those who have joined the teaching profession to satisfy their sick needs of violence.

I invite all those who are interested to do something about this, to comment on the post in the blog and, if we manage to get the sufficient leverage on the matter, we can really do something about that and organize using different tools.

A twitter hashtag was also created for this, you can check it out in order to see what other young people are planning to do about this. #ToZefta

Feel free to involve anyone whom you see interested and please share.

Looking forward to your comments.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Son of the Army

I'm not a regular blogger. I can't really describe myself as a "political blogger". I certainly don't know and don't care to know how many people actually read my blog posts. Sometimes I write in English, sometimes in French, rarely in Arabic and most of the times, I write only when a thought or when I have something really specific to get out of my system.

This post is a bit different. Today, the 23rd of May 2011, the "Egyptian Blogosphere" has decided to break a new taboo that the surrounding community is trying to create. I, on my part, being out the country, am making a rather "personal contribution".

We are just waking up from a never-before-seen revolution with absolutely no leaders. The power of determination and communication combined with a set of deeply rooted real life disasters have fueled this public uprising in ways that I can't even believe happened. But, just like everybody else: Nobody really had a specific "plan of action" about what should happen afterwards.

I mean, if our wildest dreams come true and would this revolution succeed, what should happen? how would a transitional period go? who would be in charge? I dare anyone to say he/she even thought about that.

In one of these epic turn of events, the army, lead by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF for short) has decided to "take the side of the people" and "defend the revolution". Good deed? for sure, heroic? I wouldn't go that far.

I believe this intervention was the smart choice, the logic choice and the expected choice.
Now, the army and the SCAF have done something really great and they have made our revolution a success, well and good. Now, we move to another phase of building the country we all believe ourselves worthy of.

And here comes the problem, the army / SCAF may be great at doing their job "protecting the people" but they're certainly not knowledgeable, trained, experienced or ready to do a totally different job: "Leading a country of 85 million people in a pivotal point of its history". It doesn't mean they're bad people, it doesn't mean they're on the "dark side of the force", it's just that you're asking a mechanic to remove your tonsils. Those inflamed, complicated, infected tonsils that have been part of your body for years and that you have to remove now, with a great deal of surgical precision.

Meet my father:

My father was a "surgeon in uniform".
During his long career in the armed forces, he worked both as a real life surgeon (a very skilled one) and in several management jobs in the armed forces as a high ranked officer, in Egypt and abroad.
He also worked for a significant period of time directly with "المشير".

My father was the greatest person on the planet. I have no doubts about that. He created and maintained a loving family, was loved and appreciated by his patients and did ground-breaking achievements everywhere he went in the armed forces. He died while at work.

But, with all his greatness, my father couldn't have possibly managed a country. A country that isn't staffed with soldiers and men in duty. A country that doesn't operate following a strict hierarchy of orders and chains of commands, a country where discipline is science fiction, rules are a suggestions and corruption, part its genome.

Living with him and seeing up close and personal, how the army functions, I can tell you this: You are expecting TOO MUCH from them.

You cannot expect an institution that values absolute obedience to accept criticism. You cannot expect deep-rooted believes in discipline and minute precision in execution, to accept a bombardment of freedom of expression, popular demands, rising critique from blogs, twitter, Facebook comments, media, popular coffee shops chats, housewives phone calls...etc. This is absolutely too much for them to handle. They don't know how to do this and they are not supposed to know.

A relative of mine is a cardiologist currently working with the SCAF directly, his sole responsibility is to maintain their health in cases of emergency. Let me tell you this: He didn't sleep for the past 4 months.

So, bottom line, they're trying REALLY hard, but guess what: They're doing an absolutely LOUSY job. And a lousy job in these times give strong feelings of insecurity and doubts about intentions. Next thing you know, you'll be hearing the word "ارحل" (go away) this time in the plural form.

Now what? We're in a bit of a pickle here. 

- The nuance between criticizing the council as a political leader and attacking the army as a institution, poses significant difficulty to disseminate among the people.
- Many (mainly the older population) are concerned more about these scare-crows: "stability", "security", "economy". Pushing a second wave of revolution absolutely depends on bursting these bubbles, in each home for starters.
- The situation CANNOT possibly continue like this: We are seeing everyday our revolution and our country gradually disintegrating in these bits and pieces and growingly foggy "light at the end of the tunnel". The SCAF management is largely responsible for that.

What are our options?

- Option 1: يبقى الوضع كما هو عليه - Status quo
Although it's the easiest option, yet, this revolution, this country, these people deserve SO MUCH more than what the status quo can achieve.

- Option 2: Presidential council
First things first: As far as I'm concerned, this isn't even an option. Why? simply because we had a referendum and the people have spoken. I was (and now more than ever) sure it would have been better if the referendum had ended up with a "No", yet, this revolution was about real democracy, and the result of this referendum does reflect the people's choice. I will defend my unshakable believe in democracy over my leaning towards a different result. If you're still questioning that, you seriously need to learn to move on!

Second, although these words "presidential council" may sound "cute" but, in my opinion, they hide a marked degree of naivety in the reasoning behind them.
A presidential council is supposed to be a group of people "selected" to govern the country for a period of time. These people will not be elected of course and, no matter what is done, there will NEVER be a public satisfaction about them. I dare you to bring me 3 names of potential members of this council that would have sufficient public legitimacy.

Also, the SCAF is a council as well, so in theory, it's the same, in practical however, it is important to consider the fact that 3 people, with different reasonings and agendas, guiding the same boat, will lead to absolutely no where. In addition, in a time that requires swift, attentive measures; this may not be the best way to go. At least the military manage, somehow to work their differences inside the council, any other people won't last together for a month.

Finally, IF we manage to come up with a presidential council with sufficient harmony and public approval, they will forcibly take the country in a direction that the people didn't really chose.

- Option 3: "Down with X then Y then Z"
I don't really believe in that. Some might disagree, but I don't really believe that concentrating bad management in specific physical persons is such a mature thing to do on the long run. I mean, not because it worked with Mubarak and a bunch of his thugs because they were absolutely corrupt, does this mean it will apply on all others.

Sure if the Mosheer steps down, this "might" help, but how do you know if the other members of the council are any better in management (I know for a fact that they're not), and it's practically impossible to ask for a new "military council".

- Option 4: Pressure to reach REAL participation in decision making
This is the option I believe most suitable.
The SCAF needs to understand that we, the people and specifically the YOUNG people are in control now. We say what needs to be done and they do it.
Old people have governed this country for WAY TOO LONG and they have managed to ruin it EXTENSIVELY... If you really wish to see real development in this country, do like the most civilized nations do: Put The Young In Charge. It's mad, it's risky, it's weird, but it does work, it will work and if it doesn't, be sure that it will be better than anything 88 years old people will do.

The SCAF needs to understand that our problem was not Mubarak as a person or Mubarak as a figure, but Mubarak as reasoning, as strategy, priorities, management. Right now, the SCAF are running the show with almost the same mentality, with the same paternalistic attitude, the same media control the same, priorities. This has to change!

So, dear SCAF: Involve the Young, don't take ANY decision without REAL sufficient public participation, respond to the streets, LISTEN and most importantly: Stop being the parent and begin being the public servant.

We have to criticize the management because this is our country. There is no shame in that, and the moment we'll shut up again would be the moment we've decided to go in deep slumber once more.

We need you to listen, to understand and to apply. No more arrogance, No more patronizing.
Our love and belonging to you is deep rooted and unshakable as an institution and as individuals. You are our family. But as managers, it's our job to tell you when you're sucking at it.

Nobody can kill our revolution. Only WE can bury it alive if we shut up or if we talk too much. It works both ways.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can hear the knees shaking!!!

I cannot BELIEVE the level of stupidity and general panic of these people, the government, the party and all who support them! They're literally running out of ideas!!

Check this out in this article, it says that the "Mubarak loyalty campaign" has over A MILLION supporters. It also says at the end that none of these supporters are from the NDP, and that they are common people, expressing their love and dedication to our senile friend!!

Now check this out . This is the Facebook page in question. Million followers? Try 38 !!!! Look at the profile picture, it says CLEARLY it is done by the NDP and not by "public supports"!!!

There is also a Facebook group . Number of members? 32 !!!

Now for the cherry on the pie:

Take a closer look at the pictures of the group's members. Notice something strange?
Ok, take a closer look, now check out the profile of the group admin ... Check his "friends" list. Look even closer, this is where the few members of the group all come from.. this is also where the real fun begins: They are almost ALL girls, with strange profile pictures, strange names, an average of 3000 friends each and all, with the SAME obvious profession and reason to be on Facebook... As you can see, this is your typical unreal Facebook profile done for various reasons including fraud and prostitution!

Isn't this the most HILARIOUS thing on the planet? I am in absolute SHOCK!!!
Quick side notes, the Facebook page for the 25th of Jan. Anti-Corruption movement is as we speak of almost 80 000 members.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Egyptians and Hakuna Matata

It’s very easy to escape, to put the past behind and live another’s life. In fact, it’s sometimes even a more successful choice, if you measure success by "accomplishments". Reality isn’t always the best case scenario and the natural instinctual human quest for happiness may sometimes push anyone to flee.

I’m a very optimistic person who usually manages to see the good-looking face of everything (to a point that might be annoying to some). But, we don’t even need to face it: The situation in Egypt is dreadful. Things are going from bad to worse and one doesn’t need statistics to see it.

I’m not talking about unemployment, prices, infrastructure, economy or growth rates… these are all the superficial symptoms of a heap of underlying problems that has never been addressed properly. Trying to fix each of them on its own is nothing but a stupid, unsustainable waste of time. It is done by equally stupid, shallow governments who are too busy with their ulterior motives (power, money, privileges…etc.) to think of EFFECTIVE ways to unroot the real causes. I don’t say they’re not trying to fix things, they are, and many of them are really working hard on that! But, they’re treating brain cancer with aspirin, with the hopes it might alleviate the headache. Those of them who really want to do things right are too distracted, lack motivation, ingenuity and focus to actually do something about it. They build shrines for their ever adored “experience”, not realizing that the more “experienced” they become, the older, rustier, lazier, and duller they get. 

This applies on all levels of governance, starting by the cleaning manual working who’s too distracted from actually cleaning by the quest for charity, passing by government employees, teachers, doctors, politicians, ministers, parties and of course, this ghost of a man they call “the president”.

Parents aren’t doing a great job either, and for exactly the same reasons: A culture that gives more value to age, sex, social status and religion over hard work, creativity, logic and society’s welfare.  

These wounds in the body of the Egyptian society were my every day worry and source of frustration since the day I saw the light of day. Just like every single person from my generations and range of 2-3 generations above and below. Every single step in life, every single dream, every single basic right, every single need constitute a fight against a provocative regime that has, almost intentionally, made it so. From finding shelter, nutrition, safety, to getting an education, healthcare, a job, to parking your car, finding a place in a bus, receiving your mail, walking in the street, getting entertained, getting spirituality, getting a calm night sleep or even escaping from all of that to a different spot on the earth. There is virtually nothing that works, nothing that doesn’t constitute a continuous struggle, nothing that the governance hasn’t employed all of its means to crush you with!

Many of Egyptian movies dating from about 10 to 15 years ago talk about this system, the corruption, the bureaucracy, the police state that’s sole concern is to make sure everybody is walking in the straight path. Concerned with his/her own problems without being concerned with the way he’s being governed, his future, any ambitions he might have, any idealistic belonging of any sort. The famous خليك جنب الحيطkeep on walking next to the wall” featured everywhere in Egypt, whether it’s on television screens or in real life, and boy have we abided by that!! 

And then, there was this point in history when we began saying and hearing these words of absolute wisdom that perfectly sums up books of writing about Egypt, the Egyptians and where they are headed: “We’ve been walking next to the wall, till we’ve crushed into itفضلنا ماشيين جنب الحيط لغاية لما لبسنا فالحيط .

 And that’s exactly what happened: The fear of making firm statements, standing for one’s believe, participating in politics, making a difference just to be “safe”. Renouncing our rights in freedom, privacy, political involvement and rightful pursuit of happiness for the sake of “safety”. To avoid “terrorism”, “a religious, oppressive governance”, “war”, “foreign interference” and all these carefully chosen words that we have been bombarded with for the past 30 years to keep us all in a state of continuous fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what “might” happen. Not fear of lack of safety, but simply fear of the POTENTIAL lack of safety that MIGHT take place!

And now, guess what? we don’t even have that. The thing that we have been fearing, the reason why we have been sacrificing our right of a honorable, basic life with our basic needs slightly met, this same thing that made us into overly peaceful, passive human beings that can only “wait” for something to happen. Safety. We even lost that. Terrorism: every week. Corruption: more abundant than air (not just a figure of speech, notice the lack of breathable air in every governmental office!). Crime: sky-rocketing. Education, health, science, art, international profile, transparency: Free-falling. So now, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you that our own decisions have led us to this: We have nothing.. and I mean NOTHING. And we have only ourselves to blame for that!

Now, let’s take the childish interpretation that “the rich” have everything and that “the poor” have nothing. After all, our glorious humorous revolution 60 years ago was all about that. It was all about “redistribution of wealth”. 

First question: How did this work out at the end after all? The army lead and decided upon a-coup-d’état that is still being taught as the best thing that happened to the country, the glorious revolution that we still celebrate till today, the songs, the street names, the parades, the films and all this, pardon my French, crap; how did it work out after all?
Are we living in happiness, equality and fairness?
Are we living in prosperity and jumping from success to the other?
Are the people governing their own selves?
Are we swimming in wealth, earning all the Nobel prices and refusing people’s visa of entry to our country for fear of illegal immigration?

Guess what? things are even worse: We don’t have any of these things AND we are called “a democracy”. We don’t have a king to blame, a royal family to make fun of and a nobility that controls everything. We have a democratically elected president (for 30 years in a row, that’s how good he is!), a presidential family that is serving the country day-in and day-out without getting anything out of it, we have a democratically elected parliament (after all, if the people chose one or 2 persons out of almost 600 as opposition that’s the people’s choice after all). In short, we have everything that makes us “look” like a democracy while reality is MUCH worse than monarchies.

Did any of our kings consider another term after 30 years in power? Was any of our kings with the absolute privileges to overrule, decide, change constitutions, declare, appoint and suspend whoever pleases him, from government officials to faculty deans?

So, are we that stupid? To believe our situation right now is better than before? that wealth is equally distributed? that things are going better? If not, then WHY are we still celebrating the revolution? Why are we still allowing these same principles to govern us till now?

Second question: Is this really people’s choice?

In other words: Maybe it is that bad, but that’s what people want, that’s the way they like it. Egyptians are masochists who enjoy being tortured day in and day out.

 Of course there is corruption, of course elections are falsified, of course leaders are being lied to, the people are being lied to and those who lie are being lied to by other liars. But, let’s suppose that none of this happened. Let’s imagine that we have a 100% bullet-proof election that have won the Guinness record in transparency: Would results be any different? Would those people lose? Wouldn’t the president be elected every single time?
If we fight corruption, and won, would things really change?

Well, I believe not at all!

And THAT’S the key to the story: If people really had the choice, they would make the same choices at the end! Why? because this is the way they have been educated.

They’ve been educated about the wonders of the revolution the genius of the president, this Peter Pan of politics who never grows up (his hair is still jet black!!), who will stay on this land after all Egyptians are gone and say “where did everybody go”. 

Speaking of Peter Pan: I’m gonna give you some entertainment, just to rest your brain (and your blood pressure) for a while.

There’s  a song in Disney’s Peter Pan where the children are playing. What they’re doing is that they’re simply walking in a line and singing. I find it extremely impressive that the Egyptian people are behaving exactly like pre-teens in a sarcastic segment of a fictional Disney movie:
“We’re following the leader,
the leader,
                the leader.
We’re following the leader,
where ever he may go!

We’re out to fight the indians,
the indians, 
the indians.
We’re out to fight the indians,
because he told us so!”

So, back to education: How do you expect people that were never taught objectivity, that were told what to think, how to behave and who to support, how do you expect these people to decide on their governance?

If the government brings water to a village in the 21st century, just 2 weeks before the elections. Do you think people would say: “What kind of government is this? deny us our most basic living conditions and only give it to is right before the elections?” Of course not. They’ll say “thank god” and kiss the hands of the politicians who made this magical twist of their wands and brought them water. Did anybody ever tell them it is their right to have water? Did anybody ever tell them it’s their right to earn money? Did anybody ever tell them they’re not getting this as a “gift” from the government? Did anybody ever tell them that the government pays thousands of time the cost of bringing them this water in documented cars, escorts, presidential trips around the globe to pose for a picture while shaking hands, roads that will break in 3 years only to build new ones 3 times more expenses, 2 times less durable?

Which brings us to the third question: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? And by ‘You’ I mean el sayed el ra2ees!

30 years is an AWFULLY long time. In fact, I only know what 27 years mean and it’s quite a lot. Half a dozen presidential rotations took place during this time in the US. Generations have been born, accessed ridiculous education, “graduated”, went to college, “graduated”, did their retarded obligatory military service, looked for a job, found jobs (this takes ages by itself), got married and go 1, 2 or even 3 children!

During these AGES, what have you been doing exactly? If you give me 30 years with an entire country responding to my every whim, I think something as basic as “fixing education” could have been AT LEAST initiated! 

Have you been procrastinating? have you been waking up at 12 pm, watching TV, eating “brunch”, walking around in your room in your pyjamas and watching the ceiling? No? Then what? What is wrong with you man? We’ve been paying you and your mignons with our money, our freedom, our time and our support for 30 years. What are you giving us back? What did we get in return? You thief, I want my money back. I want my time away from home, stuck in a car waiting for your fanciness to pass. I want the possibility of holding a camera and taping the used-to-be beautiful buildings of downtown without being pushed away by a policeman. You know what? I want to watch those silly television programs that were cancelled because you were giving one of your nauseating speeches that lack everything but arrogance.

Dear reader, if, like me, you’re very angry right now. Feel free to take a short break: Go jump on your bed, kiss your wife or husband, watch your children in awe when you tell them it’s time you revealed to them your secret identity as Superman, or just light some candles and listen to “What a wonderful world”. I just have ONE request: Remember that these people aren’t even worth your anger!

Back to the “rich” and the “poor”. Didn’t you notice something very peculiar about the Egyptian society: Everybody wants to leave. Everybody is suffering. Rich people sometimes even more than the poor ones!

How is this possible? I mean, if the very wealthy people have everything, why do they want to escape? why do they tend to run away? why aren’t they the happiest people alive?

It’s quite simple, because it’s never and was never a question of wealth. It’s a question of security. Even the rich want security. Money buys “some” security. And when rich people have that, they want more.

In Egypt, if you’re sick and don’t have the money for it: You Die!
If you can’t afford proper education, your children will get a mediocre devastating thing that can’t even be called “education”.
If you don’t have a job, you won’t get married or start a family.
If your job doesn’t pay much (almost always) you won’t be able to spend time with your family.
If you lose a job, your children won’t eat.
If you don’t bribe the policeman you won’t park your car, sell your goods or spend the night in your bed.
If a bus bumps into your car, all you can do is weep, thank god you’re alive, and think of ways to pay for these huge sums of money you didn’t anticipate.
If a fire starts in your home, you’re on your own.
If you have an accident, you’re on your own.
If you want to do anything that is remotely creative or entrepreneurial, you’re absolutely on your own.

This gives people, of all socio-economic classes a continuous sense of lack of security. They feel and know that if ANYTHING unexpected happened to them or any of their loved ones, it’s going to directly affect their lifestyle. So, people become greedy, when they earn money they want to earn more, if it wasn’t for their own security, it’s for the security of their parents, sons, grandsons… for as many generations as possible. This sense of lack of security is everywhere and is translated into behaviors that have become norms.

Watch how Egyptians behave in Open-Buffets. How they always fear there won’t be any food left. How they buy huge amounts of goods from the supermarkets, as if there won’t be any rice or sugar in the market after a week. How they would bargain on every single product, every single service they are presented with. How they would make sure any position they take becomes as profitable as it can be. These are all manifestations of a culture of insecurity, lack of stability and an “every man on his own” state-of-mind that has become the norms. It is the very basic, very primeval animal behavior that has surfaced as a result of a “laws-of-the-jungle”-abiding community. The Egyptian people are going backwards in terms of evolution!

Pretty depressing, huh? Indeed, a vicious circle that can only be broken by the people themselves, who actually are not that keen on breaking it. They never were.

For the past 3 months, I have been studying in Europe. I’ve been studying healthcare governance, with the hopes that I might be able to make a difference in my country’s healthcare system one of these days.

I wake up every morning with resurrecting air in my lungs. Didn’t see one single mosquito or fly till now. Open the window and watch the spectacular mountains, covered with sparkling snow, rustic cobble-stoned streets, couples walking their babies in twins’ baby-strollers, music being played in the streets, succulent food, absolute freedom of behavior and mobility, continuous entertainment every way I go, unprecedented quality of education at prices that are only minuscule compared to the best education you can get in Egypt (which isn’t even remotely as good)… I’m also not alone either. In brief, I’m living the perfect life!

But, I can’t help but following-up what’s happening in my country, the country that drove me insane in every instance of my life without any reason. The country that prevented me on numerous occasions (and is still doing that) from actually helping people through my work! I always know I’m going to get painful news. I always know It’s gonna frustrate me like crazy. It always does. But, I can’t help it, it’s more powerful than me.

At the verge of the last Tunisian uprising, my heart was filled with joy and hope, for now it can happen in Egypt, there is no reason why it wouldn’t. It all depends on the people after all.
Many were skeptical about that and saw that the Egyptian people are too lazy and passive to do anything. I refused to think this way.

I check the news and, apparently, the government employees at the ministry of education are protesting since the morning, rioting till 11 pm in the ministry building and calling for the suspension of the minister!

What a great feeling this was! I was right, people are indeed taking things into their own hands, taking active steps to do something about it.

I follow this issue till I read that, as a response to the riots, the minister went in heavy security and met with the protestors to hear their demands.

Remember, we’re talking about the ministry of “education”: The most failing governmental aspect of all. The one responsible for everything we’re in right now!

After extensive research, I finally land on these “demands” that have incited them to move forward: To my greatest shock and utmost frustration, I realize they have been requesting that things return the way they were before, namely the return of “badal el wagabat” (monetary compensation for meals) and that they all be given their “monthly incentives”. Needless to say these incentives have been made to reward those excelling in work, and, of course, it is needless to say that, specially these people hardly work in the first place!

So, basically, they were doing this for things such as “meals” and “undue compensation of a lousy job, lousily done”.

At this point, my fury was indescribable. I’ve been spending all my life thinkings of how could things be done differently and effectively. Have been discussing this with people till they want to push me outside the closest window. I have put myself in continuous worry and care about those people, but now I realize they are not worthy of any of this!

So, I decide that I won’t care anymore… I will just live my life, in Europe, Egypt or elsewhere; enjoy it and whether they want to do something about their country or not is none of my concern. Men el akher, Toz feehom kollohom.

So, I’m just gonna put my past behind me and think about my future. Not the future of my people. Only my own. That’s the right thing to do now.

I was perfectly happy at this stage… But, it didn’t last.
I wake up in the morning, take the train, admire the beautiful scenery that is unsurpassed in its grandeur and, after a while, decide to watch a movie on my laptop.

Now comes the relevance of this long articles’s title.
I look around and realize I have “The Lion King” on my computer and I didn’t watch this movie for quite a while now. Of course, very emotional movie, very spectacular but that’s not all.
As if sent to me by the skies this movie’s lesson is that your past, your home may hurt sometimes, but it’s your home, you can’t just leave it and enjoy your life somewhere else. This somewhere else, no matter how beautiful it is will never feel like home. At the end, your country and your family are waiting for you. One day you’ll return as a proud king reclaiming his throne. And if this land has been completely destroyed by its previous rulers, if the fragile circle of life has been interrupted, you’ll need to fight for your right to correct things, persevere while maintaining your values and determination, win your fight and make this land a better place for all.

That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way it’s gonna be… By knowledge, hard work, motivation and did I mention hard work, this place is going to be fought for, captured from its besiegers and turned to what it is destined to be, and I’m gonna play my role in that!

Where do YOU stand in this? are you gonna fight the fight, walk the walk and make the difference, or are you going to live a Hakuna Matata life in the comfort of your computer desk? 

The choice is yours. I made mine!

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th - Historical Day For Tunisia, Egypt, Liberty and I

On this historical day, the Tunisian people by the spontaneous acts of youth, grasped their freedom and leadership by their own hands.

I was following this up second by second on the different social networks, namely twitter...

The Egyptian people have now the perfect settings, incentives and role model to act. This WILL happen, the country WILL be saved and 2011 is going to be equally historical for Egypt. But the purpose of this blog post is simply historical...

The Love of my life is sharing my excitement and we have decided to document in this post the ingenuity, creativity, humor and frustration of the Egyptian people that happened on this glorious day, for historical purposes. If you have read any comment, tweet or quote you see fit of featuring in this time capsule, kindly send it to us in a comment and we'll put it in here, include the source.

Here it goes:

الريس بن علي بيكروز بالطياره ومش لاقي حته يروحها يعيني

انا مستعد أحرق نفسي عندى الجندى المجهول بكرة بس أطمن ان ورايا رجالة على الأقل هيحاولوا يحرروا البلد

Every Arab leader watching Tunisia in fear. Every Arab citizen is watching Tunisia in hope & solidarity

أنا أعرف كم واحد في مصر مش حايعرفوا يناموا إنهاردة !

خبر عاجل بجريدة الأهرام غدا..قد أعلن الرئيس حسنى مبارك ترشيح نفسه للانتخابات التونسية القادمة

█ out زين العابدين بن علي✓ [ loading...] ███▓ حسني مبارك

أشاعه قويه تفيد ان طائرة بن علي ستتوقف في مطار شرم الشيخ_ ليس للترانزيت _ لكن لتأخذ ركاب،،!!!

Tunisans should migrate to Egypt. Raise a very wanted rebellion. Then move on to Algeria.
Tunisia didn't stand a day under emergency law while Egypt has been under it for over 30 years.. Kefaya!"

احسن شئ ان حسنى مبارك طيار و بالتالى لن يحتاج الى اى طيارين كى يمتطى صهوة طائرة الهروب من مصر

المفروض يجيبوا اغنية "حاسس بمصيبه جايالي" .. و اهداء خاص لبابا و ماما و تيته وعمو و جدو حسني

يسقط أي نظام عربي غبي بما فيه الكفاية انه يستضيف بن علي

مش هلاقي حد يستضيفك يا بن حسني زي ما بن علي متشعلق في الجو مش لاقي اللي يعبره

DENIAL isn't only a river in EGYPT

اخيراً في جيل مصري بيحترم شعب مناضل بدل مسلسل بيغيروا منا وبيلعبوا معانا ناشف وبيضربونا ”

If BenAli plane ran out fuel, let it be above Mubarak mansion, then we'll live victory

Tunisia : now the domino theory should start. Egypt here we come

بيقولك الرئيس مبارك يعقد أجتماع طارئ الان مع مستشارين الحملة الانتخابية لخوض الانتخابات التونسية

يا ثورة الياسمين...عقبال ثورة الورد البلدي

والله مش بعيد مبارك يعرض على بن على ان يستضيفه فى مصر . اصلهم اخوات فى الديكتاتورية . و شرم الشيخ كبيرة

طب أي بيان من السيد وزير الخارجية أبو الغيط؟ ولا هو مشغول مع هيلاري؟

الراجل دة و عيلته قاعدين يلفوا بالطيارات خيلتونا ارسولكوا على حل بقة اففف

If you're in the police, army or mukhbarat of Egypt, Jordan, Algeria or Libya, this may be a good time to ask for a pay raise...

الى مبارك .. مصبرك حيكون زى مصير اخوك بن على .. فى مزبلة التاريخ

كل شعب يحصل على ما يستحق .. مبروك لشعب تونس .. و مبارك لشعب مصر

يا محمد قول لبولس .. بكرة مصر تحصل تونس

اه يازين اه يازين اه يازين الهاربين

اهداء خاص لبن علي, اغنية "كنت فين يا بن علي؟ شعبك بيدور عليك...اوعى ترجع يابن علي, أحسن حيخلصوا عليك"

خبراء: شباب الـ"فيس بوك" هزموا نظام "بن على"

مبارك يقرر استقبال بن على | يثور الشعب المصري | مبارك وبن على يرحلوا فى طيارة واحدة | تحدث الوحدة بين مصر وتونس 1\2

اللي يسمع اللي بيحصل ده يقولك تونس دي كانت مقلب زبالة مثلا..فاكر أبويا لما رجع منها من 3 سنين قالك دي أنضف بلد عربية وافريقية دخلتها

هخمن عنوان مقال عبدالله كمال غدا .. "لم يستمع بن علي اقتراح السيد الرئيس بفتح فرع للحزب الوطني في تونس"

بيان القصر الجمهوري في مصر RT @EgyptState يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يالهوى يا لهوي

أهم حاجة نلحق نخلص ثورتنا قبل الشتا مايعدي علشان حاجتين : ندفي بعض, العرق الانساني بتاع الصيف هيموتنا

dah she2 3azeem ... egypt needs this kind of services .. :D :D :D :D :D

يارب اشوف مبارك حيران كده بطيارته مش لاقي حتة ينزل فيها

اتمنى تخصيص كوتة للشعب المصرى فى مجلس شعب 2015

الفساد في تونس عائلات و ثروات .... الفساد في مصر عيله واحده

علي فكرة .. اي حد دلوقتي هاينكش حسني مبارك في جنبه .. هايلاقيه بيركب الهوا..

(الجملة اللى اتقالت فى كل تاكسيات مصر النهاردة: (شفت اللى حصل فى تونس؟

الى الاصنام العربية، رياح تونس اتية لا ريب فيها...

اعتبر نفسى من المحظوظين لمشاهدة ثورة كثورة تونس..أعطتنا الأمل ان القهر و الديكتاتورية لن تستمر فى العالم العربى إلى الأبد

النيل للأخبار يتكلموا عن بن علي والفساد والملاحقة الجنائية ليه , يا جدعان فيه واحد شبهه بالظبط في مصر الجديده ولا عاملين عبط

اللي بنى مصر كان في الاصل ضابط أمن مركزي واللي بنى تونس كان في الاصل بوعزيزي و اللي بنى لبنان كان جنبلاطي

وكل "ثورة" وإنتم طيبين!

‎!! تونس اختارت التغيير و مصر اختارت شيبسي بالجمبري

الدور الدور الدور الدور...موعوده ياللي عليكي الدور

‎"هيشيلوا صور الهلال و الصليب و هيحطوا الهلال و النجمة"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ... الإجابة تونس

‎!!!!! شايفين التوانسة بيعملوا إيه يا عالم يا خنافس

‏​​سألوا الرئيس مبارك عن رأيه فى التغيير بعد أحداث تونس قال:التغيير ده سنة الحياة قالوا:طب وسيادتك مش هتتغير؟ قال:انا فرض مش سنة

الراجل ولع في نفسه قدام مجلس الشعب !! بس ا

قلت لكم من كام يوم... عشان نتخلص من حسني، لازم الأول نخلص من تامر حسني

بس كله كوم ولم يكن يقصد الانتحار كوم.. إشعال النار في نفسه بعد سكب البنزين على نفسه مالهاش أي احتمال تاني غير الانتحار