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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diamond in the rough, part 2

I wanted to write about you, didn't know what to say, then, came this song, this song full of emotional whirlpools, this song that still brings me the biggest heart ache, haunting me whenever I see a shadow of the past, the shadow of a memory, the shadow of a smile.

The shadow of your smile when you are gone,
will color all my dreams, and light the dawn.
Look into my eyes, and see,
all the lovely things, you are, to me.

Now when I remember spring, 
all the joy that love can bring,
I will be remembering..
the shadow of your smile.

And just like this song, you're still haunting me, there is something about you that does, I can't explain it but it just works.

You know my weakness, you know how to use it, you know how to tame me, you manage to do it every time, you turn me into someone I don't even recognize anymore, someone I used to know, someone I lost over the years, someone that represents all what I was. This radiant heart pumping emotions, passion and light.

Each time I see your sparkling eyes, even for a few minutes, you leave me perplexed, unable to talk for the rest of the day, you're not even aware of it but you make me loose my focus more than anything else.

You say they won't come, you say it's impossible, I totally believe you're wrong, I absolutely believe it's possible, they can come back, they can happen again, it's just a matter of will, a will that I have but can't transmit, maybe because I really saw them, because I've really known them: those sunny days, and starry nights, those lazy afternoons; when we counted castles in the clouds, and hummed little tunes. But somehow right before my eyes, the summer fades away, every thing is different, everything has changed.

But Diamond, you weren't there, you weren't there when I needed you most, you come and go, you do your thing, say your words, do your effect on me and just leave when I most need your presence.

Funny how a photograph, can take you back in time,
to places and embraces that you thought you'd left behind.
Trying to remind you that you're not the only one,
that no one is on an island, when all is said and done.

And then, I feel lost, on my own, far from home, and the only things that manages to make me realize that I'm never alone is when I think of my friends, the ones who care, they are always waiting there, with love to share, and my heart just brings me to where I feel safe, to where I feel at home.

So you see Diamond, you are a diamond in the rough, a genuine diamond in the rough, but at the end, a diamond is just a rock, a shining rock but still a rock, and maybe, just maybe, you are as well. Diamonds may shine, but they will never be friends, real friends like the ones I have. They are here, they are real and they shine too. And when comes a day when I'm losing my way and don't know where I belong; they say that home is where the heart, so I just follow my heart and know that I can't go wrong.

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haramis said...

this will not be a surprise for you...i'm sure you knew i would react...;)
had a glance there and now i can't get the song out of my head...thank you ???


i'm happy to see that now you wanna tell everybody you're on your way...and it seems you're loving every step you take!! so enjoy the sun beating down and keep this smile on your face!!

as you're dealing mysterious things with Diamond, i wanna ask if you knew that diamonds are made of carbon, the very same atom as in CO2 or in a pencil's lead...the only difference is the way these atoms are bound one with the others...very easy to break links in graphite, yet hardly possible with diamonds.

well tried to write something that kinda reflects the atmosphere of your blog...did i manage well?? :)
and of course you'll have to turn this message upside down to try to find a meaning...if ever there is one...yeah it may be a piece of nonsense!! who knows??? ;)