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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can hear the knees shaking!!!

I cannot BELIEVE the level of stupidity and general panic of these people, the government, the party and all who support them! They're literally running out of ideas!!

Check this out in this article, it says that the "Mubarak loyalty campaign" has over A MILLION supporters. It also says at the end that none of these supporters are from the NDP, and that they are common people, expressing their love and dedication to our senile friend!!

Now check this out . This is the Facebook page in question. Million followers? Try 38 !!!! Look at the profile picture, it says CLEARLY it is done by the NDP and not by "public supports"!!!

There is also a Facebook group . Number of members? 32 !!!

Now for the cherry on the pie:

Take a closer look at the pictures of the group's members. Notice something strange?
Ok, take a closer look, now check out the profile of the group admin ... Check his "friends" list. Look even closer, this is where the few members of the group all come from.. this is also where the real fun begins: They are almost ALL girls, with strange profile pictures, strange names, an average of 3000 friends each and all, with the SAME obvious profession and reason to be on Facebook... As you can see, this is your typical unreal Facebook profile done for various reasons including fraud and prostitution!

Isn't this the most HILARIOUS thing on the planet? I am in absolute SHOCK!!!
Quick side notes, the Facebook page for the 25th of Jan. Anti-Corruption movement is as we speak of almost 80 000 members.

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