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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Action Needed NOW!!!

Well, I have come through this video on the internet. I believe some of you might have already seen it.

Please watch it till the end:

Now, I don't know how you feel about this, but this was HEAVILY disturbing for me.
Of course, the brutality, and joy that the guy is having abusing these children is beyond shocking, but that's not what's disturbing me the most;
What is most striking is:
1) The fact that there is actually someone shooting this on camera, with an increasing laughter the more the children are beaten!!
2) The presence of other people (possibly teachers) including one fully veiled (monakaba) woman in the same room. This single women in the room didn't do anything about that and, in fact, she didn't seem to mind what was happening. Neither her motherhood, religion nor humanity pushed her to do anything about that.
3) This video was shot in the 2011!!! AND after a revolution!!!
4) That I'M SURE this is a common practice, everywhere in the country. I'm also sure there are FAR WORSE things that happen everyday, off camera.

I believe there is NOTHING more vital than a rapid, youth lead intervention about this specific case (as a warning for other abusers) and other sadistic people that would think for second this kind of "education" can continue one more DAY on our watch.

I think we need to discuss this and ACT promptly. With the proper intervention and the right media involvement we can send a strong message of "NO MORE, MISTER" to all those who have joined the teaching profession to satisfy their sick needs of violence.

I invite all those who are interested to do something about this, to comment on the post in the blog and, if we manage to get the sufficient leverage on the matter, we can really do something about that and organize using different tools.

A twitter hashtag was also created for this, you can check it out in order to see what other young people are planning to do about this. #ToZefta

Feel free to involve anyone whom you see interested and please share.

Looking forward to your comments.


3azooza said...

@msheshtawy started the initiative to go there to the school and check it with the principle and see whether they are aware of it or what and whether is that the system the teacher should adopt ,he is looking for cars to go there. till we set up sthg sustainable for it .

MoMo said...