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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Human Compassion

Our belonging to “Humanity” is most undeniable, unshakable source of belonging that we can have.
It is the source of tolerance and understanding. It trespasses nationality, religious believes, politics, age and different opinions.
It unites us all into one grand body that constitutes “humanity”
It proves that, regardless of any major or minor differences, we are all the same.

Human Compassion is the most universal and innate attribute that makes us humans. It is what makes any of us happy when a child smile, angry when we feel betrayed, worried before exam results, upbeat when we succeed, pained when we see suffering. Inspired when we see innovation. Bewildered by creativity.

Our reaction to death is as human as it can be. Even in the death of an enemy we see a reflection of our fate. It shakes us, sadness us and sometimes shocks us. It pushes us to reflect about who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re headed.

This is because we are all connected at the end, to this massive body of humanity bound to each other by a widespread network of human compassion.

Human Compassion ultimately define who we are. Human Compassion makes us human.

Lose this human compassion, for whatever reason or pretext, and you have lost your most valuable attribute. Lose these feelings and you have lost what makes you “human”: Your Humanity!

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