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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My thoughts about the elections in short!

- I have full confidence in people's choices, have no worries about outcomes of elections and believe democracy is a learning process for all of us.
- I was neutral towards boycotting and took all needed steps to vote.
- Expat voting: chaotic central management beyond compare leading to highly skewed results
- Bad planning of expat voting disabled me from my casting mine in the two rounds.
- I'm glad this happened because I TRULY believe now that boycotting is the best thing to do with this mess they call "elections"
- The people had a genuine urge and interest in having their voice heard, authorities weren't up to these expectations and failed us MAJORLY in their management.
- Elections manipulation doesn't have to be done by authorities. Religious advertising and judiciary failure to enforce the law against abuses are higher, more sever levels of voter's fraud.
- "non-conformities" are normal in any elections. What is NOT normal is when the judiciary don't do anything about them, giving abuses the green light to go even further, which is what is happening.
- A judiciary sector that is aware of abuses in elections but that doesn't stop or prevent simply is simply a COMPLICIT in voter forgery.
- I believe this major failures are beyond people' frustration which translated into a 40% drop in voter turn-out

Conclusion: Maybe it's too soon to say so, but, I DO NOT recognize the results of these elections as legitimate, this regardless of how they turn out to be!

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