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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A different Diamond in the Rough

How can a human being be so pure? how can a human soul be so grand? how can one person have all of this inner beauty radiating from within?

In every expression, in every joke, in every intonation you show me the majesty of this divine creation that is humanity.

There are people who can just make you ashamed of belonging to the human kind. Yet, there are those who are just bigger than life itself, who just portray its genius without even realizing it. Just, by being themselves.

Your minute ambitions, your small expectations, your down-to-earth attitude are all SOOOO not like me, and that’s probably why I’m standing in admiration. You’re easily satisfied, easily impressed, the smallest things in life are enough to make your day. You’re humble as I hoped all would be, you’re grand as I hoped all would be.

Your emotional outbursts, this little vein that pops in your forehead when something just outrages you. This outstanding transparency of emotions can only be admired by a few connaisseurs.

Your friends, the way you choose them, the way you attract them to your side, the way you deal with them, this harmony, this simplicity, this honesty that doesn’t seek attention, that just passes unnoticed for most.

Your purity of soul and good will, the way you’re keen on making a difference. I can hardly think of any words other than purity. The word purity doesn’t begin to describe it.
You still have a lot to learn, and I’m sure you will. You have a lot to teach me and I’m sure you will. I just hope destiny is pro-education.

I didn’t see it yet but I can’t seem to stop visualizing this grin of satisfaction and contentment following your success. These puppy eyes almost wet with tears of pride of a job well done. This voice that is continuously repeating in your head “you did it ya me3alem”. Well it resonates in my skull regardless of the distance that separates us, physically, mentally or circumstantially.
Men el akher, if an Alien spaceship came to pick up one single human being as a sample of the human race, in my eyes, I can’t find a better ambassador.

I really can’t find out if this flow of emotions are paternal, fraternal, or just simple friendship. But I know this for sure, I can tell a work of art when I see one.


Samar said...

This is certianly Heba.. lol.. Right?

Samar said...

Or Youssef :)