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Friday, March 21, 2008

Al 3atah

MA Howa el 3atah...

"3atah" is the new word of the day. "3atah" is a state of mind. "3atah" is a state of soul. "3atah" is contagious. "3atah" is human.
Human nature is characterized by "el 3atah". With all due respect. Humans are imbeciles.

Although the acoustic impact of the word "3atah" isn't even close to the word "Imbecile", but, it kinda expresses the idea.

Latest discovery: Humans are imbeciles. And guess what?... I'm gonna convince you.

A child. A human child. He wants his toy. He decided he wants his toy. He will do anything to get it. He will cry. He will scream. He will hit. He will crawl. JUST to get it. Then what? he gets his toy, plays with it for a little while. Then he leaves it and turns to something else. You bend over and pick up the abandoned toy, SUDDENLY he wants his toy back again, and he shouts and screams for it. Only to leave it again after a while.

Guess what? People remain this way after they grow up. PURE IMBECILES....
They crave something so bad that they're ready to kill for it. They appreciate it and appreciate its value to the wildest level. But when they finally get it. You shouldn't be surprised if they left it, and for the silliest reasons. Why? because they're imbeciles.

Give them gold, they'd ask for silver, give them silver, they'd ask for gold, give them none they'd ask for both, give them both they'd throw them both away.

Singles want to be in a relationship. Married people want to get out of it.
Parents complain of their children, sterile couples would do anything for one.
Unemployed would kill for a job, employees hate theirs.
Egyptians want to go abroad, foreigners crave for an Egyptian nationality.
Iraqis hate Saddam, when he's gone "walla yoom men ayamak". Egyptians will top them.
SSS is sick of national corruption, when there is an alternative, they create local corruption to fit the national one.
Poor people want money, when they get it, they seek "the simple life".

What's the BIG DEAL???? what's wrong with this human creature? BE SMART for crying out loud. You have something that's pure, something that's worth everything in the world: You have REAL feelings. You have REAL friendships. You have REAL honesty. You throw that away because you "prefer" Fake? you prefer people being fake? You prefer emotions being fake? are you really that stupid?

How could someone be living in Disneyland and decide to move to place Pigalle?
How could someone taste how wonderful life can be and leave it for no real reason?

I'm in shock... bosso ya gama3a
It's like, bezabt, takhayaloh keda, how much I was craving for my Apple Laptop, and imagine ba2a after actually having it, I decided to throw it away because I don't like the screensaver. :S

WAKE UP... GROW UP... APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE.... Live every moment of the amazing opportunities that are in your hands. Chances are, these are the best days of your life. Chances are, this is as close as you'd get to happiness.

Men shahtafa we 3eyat 3ala "can we still be friens?" to "friendships are lost everyday, 3adee ya3nee"

Which raises a big question. Are people really in quest for Happiness? or are they in quest for Drama?


"Kronk" said...

This is sick, wallahy this is sick ! ya ebny you`re a Dr. now, y3ni el mafrod b2a terakezz shoya in your future or career or something , but you left all this to 'cry over the throne you`ve lost' ?!, and try to reclaim your revenge by anymeans possible !!, am shocked bgd !! i cant believe you`re the same person we all admired and 'enbahrna beeh'! Go get yourself a life wensa le3b el 3eyal da b2a.

Ayman said...

Hey mister "too much of a coward to say who he really is"...

Thanks for showing that, unlike me, you have a life to the point that you're reading my personal blog on your free time.

Your ignorance and your use of words such as "cry over the throne you lost" or "revenge by any means possible", is pathetic to the farthest extent. You have no idea of what I'm talking about and yet, you still think you know it all like you always have to the point that for a second you allowed yourself to think you have a clue about what I'm talking about. I have severe pity for your condition.

Do not stop your comments, they can't be more amusing specially the "get a life part", one really was in need for a good laugh.

"kronk" said...

& you`re the one talking about free time ?! :D
boss ya ayman u assume u know alot, as always u made a judegement thats not true, u`ll be shocked when u know why i was "too much of a coward to say who i am really are"! anyway!
i am reading your personal blog ya ayman because i once believed in you, i once kont mabhoor beek i looked high upon u & wished we could be -really- friends someday, m3 enny shocked awyy from what u turned to be really, but still i cant forget what u represented to me oneday! i dont know, may be this is why i read your blog.

once ya ayman u had a chance to get us believing in all what u believed in, but you -amazingly bgd- threw away this chance 3ashan t execute onr one your plans to "revenge by anymeans possible", and this is pathetic !! once ya ayman u had so many people who believed in you, believed in you ledaraget enhom esta7melo your insults, bas enta lost all their respect in a way which was shocking besara7a, this is pathetic too !! u know what, i pity your condition too, you`re pathetic ya ebny.

I wont stop my amusing comments, that give u a good laugh. You earned them, we ba3deen enta yama gave us good laughs too !:D

go get yourself a life ya ayman.

Ayman said...

what's so funny is that, still, up til now, this is this amazing tendency to judge others. With your "what you turned to be really", you're judging me and you ASSUME you know me. With your "to execute my plans of revenge" you're judging my intentions and my actions, which is RIDICULOUSLY funny, because you neither know me enough, nor do you know my intentions or my plans. I never had plans for myself, my plans were always for SSS, and I never EVER had "revenge" intentions, and, to even show you how really judgemental and pathetic you are with your judgements, I have ABSOLUTELY no hard feelings towards SSS... You'll never get it, you're too arrogant, and too confident in your judgments of others to realize that.

I didn't loose your respect, you lost my, and I made it very clear that you don't deserve it.

The most pathetic things of all ba2a, is you thinking this post was about SSS. Let me tell you that this post had NOTHING to do with SSS (bedaleel en for the first time I'm actually saying the words SSS as an example, nothing more), and that you REALLY need to get yourself a life, because with your continuous judgment and your one track mind you you thought it was.

Reading your comments really prove to me that you're still judging without really knowing who you're judgment. So you're still Kronk, you didn't change yet, maybe later, maybe later.

Bass 3agabnee awy mawdoo3 revenge dah, fe3lan, 3agabnee.

"kronk" said...

again ya ayman
enta ma raddetsh 3ala ay 7aga! 2a3adt tetkalm 3ala 7agat tanya which has nothing to do with my words, howa -kal3ada- kalamak mokne3 gedann, bas enta betetkalm fe 7agat ana ma gebtesh seretaha aslan!

u didnt change yet too, u always give yourself the execuse to do things you dont accept others to do! for example this judgements thing, ana a3teref i am judging, but u too did, judged people you REALLY know NOTHING about. at least i have the courage to admit i was judging!

and you lost our respect way before you "made it clear that we dont deserve yours", & i can remind you exactly when, when u started your chain of lies!

enta b2a u`ll never change! wallahel el 3azeem enta sa3ban 3alaya!

Ayman said...

lol, I really don't find any "questions" that I should have been answering.

Very well, the thing is, I NEVER judge, NEVER judged, and specially not now, specially not you. I also KNOW EVERYONE is gonna change and that there is hope, it's just a matter of time. You just don't get it do you?

Oh, and guess what, I NEVER lied. You just don't get it either.

Listen, if you're having a hard time with confrontation and before acting in the dark then sorry, this is not working for me, if you have real questions to ask and expect real answers, then, going live is your only option.

Oh, and by the way, you're not the only Kronk I meant back then, you're just the most typical example (besides, the physical resemblance is striking isn't it?). At the end of the day, I really like Kronk....!!!

"kronk" said...

this is very typical of u, and its very easy and simple too, its easy when someone denies what he just did, and by the way ya ayman you made like hundred judges! just read your blog, remember your meetings, ana kaman remember once you made a judgement about someone you dont know at all, actually you never had a conversation with! 3ala el a2al when we make judges we judge people we barely know!

Oh, and by the way, huh ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayman said...

and from your high tower where you can see all the pathetic people, you, the oh so supreme classifier of human beings have sentenced me to a judgment I'm not entitled to refuse. After all, you know me SO WELL to know what's "typical" and what's not.

Again, listen, pal, If you don't have the guts to confront then sorry, but you're not worth my time, and of course, nor my respect, I think we have established that.

"kronk" said...

ya 7awl allah ya rab !
what high tower ? at least i had the courage to admit i am judging ! enta u dont even have the courage to admit -ezaher keda 7atta beenak w been nafsak- that you judged people u dont know about & lied ! what high tower u r talking about b2a ? enta ezay keda bgd ?
anyway, if telling what i think of people makes me "a supreme classifier of human beings" then u must think yourself a "Demi-God" or something!
and tellin who i am wont make any difference at all, & your 'respect' mesh fare2 m3aya at all! i still think you`re a pathetic person and i pity u.

Ayman said...

3afwan, lakad nafaz raseedakom...!