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Friday, January 2, 2009

and what would that change...

He, he observes you from where he sits,
You, it unnerves you, you lose your wits.
He, he ignites you with eyes of flame,
You, it excites you, you like the game.

And I in my chair, though I hardly speak, I notice each innuendo.
And I in my chair, I'm stricken with fear at seeing the end so near.

He, how to win you? he woos with style,
You, you continue to coyly smile.
He, with his quarry on hunting ground,
You, probably sorry that I'm around.

And I in my chair, though I hardly speak, I see just how well he's doing.
And I in my chair, I'm trying to hide the dread that I hold inside.

He, his eyes flatter, your hands touch,
You, now you chatter a bit too much.
He, like a gypsy, he serenades,
You, you grow tipsy, your laugh cascades.

And I in my chair, though I hardly speak, my heart's on the verge of... crying.
And I in my chair, my heart understands, my love is now changing hands.

"No... no, no it's nothing, perhaps a little tired only
Why do you ask me if I'm feeling alright? of course I am.
This was a beautiful evening,
Yes indeed a.... a beautiful evening."


Ardor said...

may I ask, why did you ever post this song?

Ayman said...

Because I like it and, maybe, I was put in a similar situation one time. Not exactly, and not the same feelings, but similar.