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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Waves of endless flows of emotions, converging, spreading, taking twists and sudden turns, radiating in white chalky strokes: That seems to be life. To see it as a sequence of events, people and settings is a great undermine of the splendor and beauty of god's most intricate masterpieces.

It is capable of manifesting itself in grandiose scenery and epic wonders, but it has the unique ability of being summarized in a look, a note of voice, an eye spark, a trace of humanity.

Tonight I experienced an overwhelming flow of human emotions radiating from those eyes, those sparkling eyes who were exceptionally even more sparkling this night, a bit wetter maybe? or maybe it's their ways of saying, this is our "manly" way to say how we feel.

Emotions that instantly found a way to penetrate my chest and really, more real than anything, caused the most unusual heartache one can get. It really came from there, no doubt about it. Maybe today a bit shifted to the right? which was kinda weird. But it came from in there alright.

In seeing one's struggle for a firm and sold "man" way to deal with grief, when feeling this moment of nostalgia passing by him like the wind and almost succeeding at overthrowing his outstanding urge to seem as coherent as a "man" should be, one realizes how fragile a human being can be, how pure a soul can turn to be, how we know nothing, how it's all a fragile dream of crimson skies of whirlpools of turbulent emotions of love and attachment.

Here is our love life brought into wild, in moments such as this, all that lives and breathes under the sun is a part of heaven's kiss.

I cannot stand the simple concept of seeing a human so dear, with a similar deep ache. There's nothing I can say or do to make this go away, just know that we'll all fly to meet the dawn in crimson sky, we will be reborn.

Till then, your humanity is god's most major blessing, the wildest path for discovery, the gift given by the lord in exchange of everything else. And it's a divine gift indeed. One that nobody sees yet, it does exist, the proof? It's making me write posts like this.

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