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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bala neela

Instant decision...

Apparently, my messages don't reach the people I'm sending them to.
Apparently, they are not able to grasp them, till now.
Apparently, ellee beyhesoh 3ala damohom and take my opinions into consideration are PRECISELY those who don't need them and those are very far away from being the target audience.

Therefore, what's the point of talking when the recipient is deaf. It only reaches the sensible people and I really don't want to hurt those ones.

So, Instant decision... 
Stop talking... It's ineffective, eletoh ahsan... at least the good hearts will be spared.
We heya deeh kemet el Bala Neela


HaPpY said...

What I liked most about this post, is that I didn't expect it!! It was expected you shall write something related! Bass "bala neela"!! It's like you always use words that has meanings! I never understood what exactly is "neela"! Any clue?!

3mtan I just don't understand!! Why did you have to see it in this state?! Today there were real massive renovations taking place! Though I was really wishing they would happen before you pass just had to see it!

Yes Gardens don't lie! 3amar ya Masr!

Yet...there is a hope! I tell you! I saw it today as it was becoming green again! As the fences were being put up and straightened! There was actually some form of wooden pillars to support the fences and make sure they wouldn't fall again, Be2zn ALLAH!

Although I am amongst those you called fashala, I tell you with all the confident and challenge in the world: THERE IS HOPE!

And though the spirit dissipated...I tell you it shall be back :)

All it needs is courage, perseverance and a will! And that's what hope really means :D

Concerning the glass! Ouch! That hurts! I know it does!

Though with all my respect to you ya Ayman, perhaps your only fault was: you did it alone and you alone spent the time, you alone lost your white pants and you alone felt the pleasure of every moment! Unfortunately you alone really feel how painful it is to see the glass broken! I can imagine! I felt bad! But noway as you!

Yet afterall....elli enkasar yetsala7 inshaALLAH :)

Ayman said...

Ya heba it's never about conducting renovations. It's about leaving things reach this state, and being busy about absolute nonsense instead of caring about the REAL value of this place.
The concept of having people sit there, without feeling any urge to pick up this sign thrown on the ground for weeks now. This is the problem.

And believe me, this is not about the garden, the garden is just a symbol... I WISH it was only about the garden. Neela is everywhere.

HaPpY said...

Sure the Garden is a symbol! And thus the renovations are symbolic too!

Are you certain no one bothered to remove the sign?! It has been put in place and falling again; then brought up again and falling again! Just as this place ya Ayman!
And the problem of the sign is the same with the the place! Both have their ups and downs and there is always someone (even if you didn't see him/her) who did try to bring it, yet in either cases, no one found the best way to fix it in its it's uphill!

In brief...the key of stability and sustainability is in need to be discovered and though am certain it's obvious...our insistance on procrastination (and irrelevancy) is keeping it unnoticed! Just as all the sign needs is a better screw nail!

But ups and downs exist and I insist on Hope!

HaPpY said...

Hmm... I doubt sensible people would get hurt, you know! Afterall, if critism is constructive ya Ayman, it would be appreciated :)