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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get yourself a new Door mat.

"Everyone respects you, you know"
Great, isn't it... Everybody just doesn't seem to stop talking about how great you are, how your conscious is clear, how you always behave in a "respectable" manner, never hurting anyone, never getting angry...etc. By saying this, and talking about you like this, they "respect" you.

Guess what? this has NOTHING to do with the reality. Respect, has NOTHING to do with "saying good things about you". Let me explain.

Your reputation is that of a man who's always smiling, rarely loosing his temper, a person who is nice with everyone, who's keen on not hurting a living soul... Is that the reputation of a "respectable" person? Well... No it's not. This is the reputation of a "Door mat".

A door mat that, no matter what you do to it, no matter how you abuse it, no matter how many people step on it, what kind of shoes they're wearing, where they've been before stepping on it... this door mat never complains and always deals with it without ever wanting to set things right.

This door mat IS NOT "respectable".

You can say all the pretty things in the world, you can smile at me every single day, you can pay tributes, build statues, hang photos, make a thousand decoration, but one fact is there: Whenever you had/have/will have the chance to kick me in the head, to throw me from a cliff or to trade my soul for a cookie, you won't hesitate to do it. Why? Because you know that I'm your door mat that never objects... and afterall "it's not personal, it's just business".

Ya3nee, men el akher... Earning your respect means to you having to take up with your continuous back stabbing, hypocrisy, manipulation and heart-breaking never-ending inhumane crimes. The moment I stand up, make a statement and say right in your face, in the mildest way, with the silliest media: "Ya wehesh"; I have "lost" your "respect".

If you really respected me you wouldn't have abused my innocence and easy-going to make whatever you want without minding shredding me into a million piece.

If you really respected me you would have simply had the slightest respect to my goals, my dreams and my work.

But you didn't do that, you "applauded"... You applauded like you always do when you know you're doing something totally immoral, just to give yourself enough confidence to be able to carry on with it. Just like when you applauded when your last voice arrived, just like when you applauded when you threw someone's hard work into the garbage, just like you do every time you want to tell your conscious "yeah, I'm doing the right thing" although you KNOW you're not.
Well... Guess what... If this is your definition of being "respectful", then, let me tell you that I don't want your "respect" anymore. I really don't care about your little fake pathetic "respect".

I can withstand you hurting me in whatever way, I did withstand that for quite a while now... I can afford every single kind of torture you may want to inflict on me. But touch one hair of a beloved one. Touch one hair of a person whose moral values and Human natures will beat yours blindly. Touch one hair of a person whom I REALLY respect and admire. And I won't stay still anymore, I won't just swallow it like I always did. You're not worth it by any means.

And let me tell you something... You never saw my "other side".

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