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Monday, October 15, 2007

The "citizen"

The "member" of the SSS is its building block. The "citizen" of this "country" has been given practically all the rights of any citizen of the free world. The right of speech, the right of freedom, the right of choosing his leaders, the right of becoming a leader, the right of choosing his destiny, the right of being obnoxious.

Isn't this lovely? I mean, this is exactly what my fellow board members and I believed in for the entire year of my term: To make every member who earns this title, able to shape his "own SSS". We believed, we hoped, we did it. We recruited members of SSS. Oriented them, gave them those rights, showed them how to use them. The perfect picture of the perfect country, isn't it? Well... we were WRONG... OH YES.... we were SOOOO wrong. Wrong beyond all reasons.

We were so eager to GIVE those rights that we totally missed the most important point. They first have to EARN those rights. They have to MATURE enough before getting them. Otherwise, you're giving a fire gun to a kid without educating him on how to use it properly and making sure he got it. The first thing he'll do is use it, to eliminate all sources of power that pose a threat to him. Next, he's gonna reinforce "order" the way HE sees it. And finally, he's gonna make sure no one else takes his gun, or any other gun for that matter.

Guess what, this is EXACTLY what happened: One day, you're explaining to your members "what is SSS", "It's bylaws", how to "run for elections", how to "call for extra-ordinary General Assemblies"...etc. The next day, they use all those "rights" you've given them and told them how to use. They use it ON YOU. Why? well, simply because you're the only bigger "power". Sick, isn't it? Now, come to think of it, it was sooo predictable, the typical human behaviour. We just couldn't believe it can happen one day. We were blinded by concepts that turned out to be absent in this community "appreciation", "gratitude" and "respect".

They transformed us into "the Beast", gathered, assembled their different goals and interests, and directed them towards one target. To "Kill the beast". They first made sure everyone of them had a gun, and PAM, they fired at will.

Gaston wanted to marry Belle. But Belle totally neglected this "handsome fellow" and actually fell for the Beast. Gaston couldn't believe it. I mean, "she left him for the beast", so, he went to the villagers and told them how dangerous this Beast is. How cruel, brutal and threatening to their children and families. In a minute, those "angry villagers" grabbed their guns and torches and went on "to kill the beast". NO ONE ever thought "hey, but this "beast" never harmed us by any means, why should we kill him?".

In all mobs you have "the leaders" and "the angry villagers". In SSS we also had "the leaders", blinded by this raging jealousy and eagerness for power, and also, of course, "the angry villagers". The angry villagers who know nothing about anything who just go with the flow and sing the chorus of this mob song. "Kill the beast"

The beast, weakened by the sense of betray, doesn't fight back. Yet, the moment when he sees Belle and realizes she didn't betray him, he gets up and fights back Gaston and his mob. He ends up by winning and holding gaston by the neck over the castle's balcony. He is about to throw him. The "strong and powerful" Gaston cries and begs him like a baby, to let him go. The beast does THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER... The SAME mistake we did: He feels pity and LETS HIM GO. And of course, you know the rest of the story. He turns back to go to his beloved Belle only to feel the agonizing pain of Gaston's knife penetrating his back.

So now, where do we stand? We've been killed by our sons and daughters using the same weapons we offered them one day. And THAT my friend, is the ugliest feeling one can have. The feeling of "stupidity".

The irony? Now that the "common target" has been disposed off (the beast, a.k.a. Us). They're shooting at each other. By time, they'll find another "beast" and they'll shout "kill the beast". Sick? noooo it's "human".

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Tab 7a'lli el kalam da b3d emt7anatak..u need our prayers for ur exams & u need ur time 3shan l sana de te3addy 3la 7'eer:D
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