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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Office 306, "Through the other's eye"

(If you don't have clue about what I'm talking about, look at the post called "office 306" first)

" The ARROGANCE...!!!

The guy knows office 306 very well. He knows how it looks like, how it smells, how it works. He knows it even before getting his promotion. He knew that getting a promotion would mean more responsibilities, including, surviving office 306 the way it is. He knew it from the beginning.

The guy comes with his "team", they look at the office with disgust as if they were transferred from the empire state building and says "that's it, we're gonna redecorate the office".


But we don't want pink... we didn't ask for pink... and we won't accept pink. He thinks he's the right one. He sees he can do it by force. Well, sorry deary, that ain't gonna happen while I'm here. No one steps into my office and impose changes.

I mean the moment I had comments on the colors of his previous office, the moment I expressed myself and tried to impose changes in his domain he came and told me "focus on your work and let me do mine in peace". Now he comes and says "you're doing it all wrong, I'm gonna clean this place myself"???


Want a pink office? create a new one for yourself and paint it in pink.

He's going down.
All of them are going down.
Even if I'd have to abuse my rights as "the boss".
Even if I'd have to "Create" new rights for me.
Even if I'd have to lie.
Even if I'd have to forge.
Even if I'd have to ban.
Even if I'd have to suspend.
Even if I'd have to plot.
Even if I'd have to sabotage whatever they're planning.
Even if I'd have to kick them all from the entire company, and make sure they don't get hired anywhere else.

It doesn't matter. What matters is the outcome. I know I'm right, I'll do whatever is necessary.
After all, I'm not doing it for myself, I'm just a facilitator, I'm doing what the citizens want.

Justice is served."

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