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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Redefining friendship

The notion of "friend" has been undergoing the most radical face lifts over the past 2 years.

Before getting philosophical, let me tell you a story of a freak.

- Freak element number one: Yes, I was educated in a boys only school. (except 2 years, more about that later)
- Freak element number two: When I left school to join this amazing faculty of medicine, I had only 1 real friend from school (I didn't see him since 5 years now except twice by chance).
- Freak element number three: During my first 3 years in medicine, I had a group of around 15 friends I met in the faculty. That would have been great, but I have to be honnest: They were all girls...!!!!

So, all of this to tell you that I was never what you can call "a friendships-guy".

I joined the SSS 4 years ago. During these 4 years... This side of me underwent the biggest chain of changes in its history. Maybe because of the work environment. Propably because I met new, different people. Definetly because I had to meet the REAL FREAKS as well as the REAL LARGER THAN LIFE Human beings...

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