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Monday, November 26, 2007


People say I'm convincing, and most of them look at it as a super-power or something.

But what does it mean to be "convincing"? I mean, do they really think of it as if I manage to hypnotise the people around me, enter into their brains and make them agree on what I'm saying?

The matter is very simple to tell you the truth. Once I believe in something, and I want someone to really understand my point of view. I just present my "reasoning". I just tell him how I thought of it, and how I reached this opinion.

If this works, it means that they don't have a better reasoning or that they are really convinced with what I'm saying. So far so good.

But apparently, it's not as simple as is. By trying to communicate my opinion, by reaching the outcome of "convincing" someone with my argument, I subconsciously take the responsibility of making sure this argument withstands time and proves to be right. My "opinion" becomes a "commitment". And this opinion turning out to be not so right becomes "a failure".

Yes, I am condemned at a lifetime of being obligated to very carefully choose my words and opinions. Because, having a weak argument isn't only my own problem anymore. I learnt this the hard way.

You see, this is what I call "responsibility being thrown into your lap without you even wanting it".

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Sad but so true..