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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Look through my eyes

At one point in my life, I started adopting a policy in my judgment that I turned very proud of later. I used to summarize this policy in one sentence " There is no such things as a "bad person"".

By minimal experience, I learnt to always give excuses to others, to always try to see things from their point of view, and stretch the most incomprehensible actions they take till they become quasi-comprehensible to me. By this, I reached a certain degree of peace of mind and harmony with the external world (the internal one being the world of my own). By this, I learned not to judge, and to always see the good in people, to neglect the ugly side, to make an effort not to see it, to do my best promoting those people into only showing their good side, till the bad one actually vanishes by time. And, it worked... it actually did miracles.. I taught me how to see beyond the external look of things and persons, and see what's inside. Because that is what really counts.
In reward, I was blessed with the most valuable treasures anyone could ever have.
The deepest most powerful friendships anyone could ever dream of having.
And THAT is something I bet most people will never have the chance to even see in their lifetime..

You see... We all see people every day, every minute.. walking around, talking, running, sitting, reflecting, assuming, judging and deciding. But the problem is, everyone of us seems to live in this world as the center of his own universe. The leading actor of his own play. And all the people around him, all the events surrounding him do not exceed the role of props, backgrounds, decorative elements, "the media". People are just "moving objects that play the role of "people". Nothing more, people are people... if you replace the people you see in the street everyday with completely different people, you won't notice a thing.
That's normal, you say? Well.. It's common, if that's your definition of normal.
For me, this is what makes the difference between watching the movie Cendrilla, and actually being in front of the real Cendrilla castle in Disneyland... This is what I call "Depth".

You see, most people are two dimensional to you. When you look at them, you only see their height and their width, nothing more. They're just a moving piece of paper, walking around in your life... They have no depth. Yet, you don't realize that. Why? well, simple, because you ONLY look at them from in front. You only see their frontal view. This is the only view you see. You never tried to look at them from a different position. And of course, they only show you their "apparent", "front" view, after all, you shouldn't expect them to turn 90 degrees and make you look at them differently, simply because they know very well that they are 2 dimensional to your sight. They're a piece of paper, if you look at it from its side, you might not even see it.

But when you learn to stop being fooled by what you see from your first, rapid shot at them, when you learn that the only way of making those people real, is to look at them differently. When you give yourself the chance of putting those magical 3D glasses, life just pops up instantly, and you suddenly see your entire world in 3D...

A person might look aggressive, intimidating, violent and immoral. Why, this impression might even be the one 99% of the people have about him. Give yourself the chance to see what's inside, put your 3D glasses, and you'll discover something totally different. A whole new depth. Or, another person may be very impressive to most people, you put on your 3D glasses, and you realize that this fellow doesn't even have a 3rd dimension, he is 2D EVEN with the glasses on...

And once you've seen that, they will see it too. Your magical 3D glasses will show you life's wonders day after day. You'll be blessed with crystal clear souls, with sincere and benefit-free relationships that you would be proud of for the rest of your life. You'll be with REAL 3 dimensional people you can count on and trust forever.

And if you're lucky, not only would you be having this golden hearts shining along to light your way, but you might as well be blessed with the best feeling anyone can have: The feeling of actually making a difference, even a tiny one, in someone you love.
For that my friends, is what I have. For that is my real trophy.

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